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Summer is a time for fun in the sun, but it’s also important to remember that hot weather can pose a significant health risk to our furry companions. At Adobe Animal Hospital & Laser Surgery Center, we want to help you ensure your pet has a safe and happy summer. 

In this blog post, our animal hospital experts will share advice for pet owners on essential summer safety guidelines, pet hydration tips during outdoor adventures, and heatstroke prevention in pets.

Keeping Your Pet Cool and Hydrated

Heatstroke is a serious threat to pets during hot summer months. Here are some tips to prevent heatstroke in pets and keep them hydrated:

  • Provide ample fresh, clean water at all times. Refresh their water bowl throughout the day, especially after exercise or playtime. You can also add ice cubes to their water to keep it cooler for longer.
  • Limit walks and playtime to cooler hours of the day. Early mornings and evenings are the best times for outdoor activities.
  • Never leave your pet unattended in a parked car, even for a short period. The temperature inside a vehicle can rise rapidly, even on a mild day, putting your pet at risk of heatstroke.
  • Create cool spaces for your pet to relax indoors. This could be a shaded area in your house or a basement. Consider using a cooling mat or fan to help your pet stay comfortable.

Safe Summer Activities for Dogs

Summer is a great time to bond with your dog over outdoor activities. Here are some tips for keeping your dog safe during summer outings:

  • Choose dog-friendly activities. Swimming, hiking on shaded trails, and playing fetch in a cool park are great options.
  • Avoid hot asphalt. The pavement can get scorching on hot days and burn your dog’s paws. Opt for grassy areas or invest in dog booties for walks during peak sun hours to protect your pet’s paws from hot surfaces.
  • Bring fresh water and a portable bowl on all outings. Take frequent breaks to allow your dog to drink and cool down for optimal pet hydration during summer.

Recognizing the Signs of Heat Exhaustion in Pets

Knowing the signs of heatstroke can help you identify a potential emergency quickly. Here are some things to watch for as part of your emergency pet care in summer:

  • Excessive panting or drooling
  • Lethargy or weakness
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Stumbling or incoordination
  • Seizures

If you suspect your pet is suffering from heatstroke, seek immediate veterinary care.

Additional Summer Pet Safety Tips

Here are some additional tips to protect your pets from summer hazards:

  • Apply sunscreen to pets with light fur or hairless skin. Talk to your veterinarian about a pet-safe sunscreen for areas like the ears, nose, and around the lips to prevent sunburn.
  • Beware of harmful summer pests. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitos can become more prevalent in summer. Talk to your veterinarian about year-round pet parasite prevention.
  • Keep your pet’s identification tags up-to-date. If your pet gets lost during an outing, an ID tag is the best way to ensure they are returned to you safely during this time of increased risk.

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