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A happy corgi in a field

Quality and Diligent Veterinary Care

Your pets' needs change as they age. As pet parents, it is our job to monitor the lifestyle and behavioral patterns of our furry friends, and let your veterinarian know about any changes. At Adobe Animal Hospital & Laser Surgery Center, we want to be here for every stage of your pet’s life.

Early Treatment Establishes Great Health

A strong basis of pet health should begin when your puppy or kitten is by 6–8 weeks of age. Our clinic offers convenient wellness packages that provide your pet with complete treatment to secure the path to good health. Our wellness packages include:

  • Complete health exam
  • The necessary vaccinations for their age
    • Puppies: Up to 3 DA2LPP vaccines, bordetella, and rabies
    • Kittens: Feline leukemia test and vaccine, RCP vaccines, and rabies
  • Deworming medication
  • Flea and tick prevention medication (For the first month)
  • Heartworm prevention medication (For the first month)

Puppy Package PDF  Kitten Package PDF

Surgical sterilization is also an important aspect to lifelong wellness. Pets who are spayed and neutered are less likely to develop health issues like reproductive cancers and infections that can pose a threat to their wellness.

In addition, microchipping your pet during a spay/neuter procedure is an excellent option if you do not want your pet to undergo further surgeries. Most pet parents find this option of great convenience as a way to avoid additional pain or discomfort.

A cat playing with a toy

Annual Examinations For Adult Pets Provide Lifelong Wellness

Your pet deserves to live a long, healthy, and happy life. We recommend annual veterinary visits to give your pet the opportunity to extend their life and enjoy it along your side. We offer complete nose-to-tail wellness exams and converse with our pet owners to discuss the most reliable wellness solutions for your pet. Our team will cover the following during this exam:

  • Required vaccines
  • Methods for parasite prevention
  • Testing and prevention of heartworms
  • Exercise and environmental enrichment
  • Nutritional and dietary needs
  • Training and behavior concerns

Additionally, conducting blood work and other diagnostics aid our vets in establishing your pet’s health and wellness. We also suggest that pet parents are always observant about their pet’s behaviors and changes, as persistent monitoring can help us catch diseases when they start.

Your furry companions will need attention as they move toward the following stages of their life. But you can always count on the team at Adobe Animal Hospital & Laser Surgery Center to provide the proper care for their situation.

Request an appointment today or call us at (530) 673-4744 to get your pet’s health and wellness on track.