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A Modernized Surgical Alternative

At Adobe Animal Hospital and Laser Surgery Center, we practice with modernized surgical alternatives like laser surgery to perform efficiently and make a surgical procedure as painless as possible for your furry companion.

We work diligently with the best technology to improve your pet’s health and speed up the recovery period.

Unlike traditional surgery, where veterinarians utilize scalpels to perform a surgical procedure, laser surgery involves the use of a CO2 laser beam that precisely cuts through tissue. Modernized light energy gives our veterinarians a clear view of an incision site for an effective surgical outcome. Laser surgery can be considered as an option for various soft tissue surgeries.

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Benefits of Laser Surgery:

  • Minimal pain and blood—The use of light energy acts like a sealant and closes any nerve endings and blood vessels which, in turn, reduces pain, swelling, inflammation, and the accumulation of blood.
  • Less trauma to the body—CO2 laser beams are easy to control, and vets can create precise cuts. This minimizes the risk of damage to major organs, small blood vessels, and nerves when working in tight areas.
  • Decreased risk of infection—CO2 laser energy sterilizes the tissue so there is no risk of infection and positively influences the recovery period.
  • Less time under anesthesia—Although we provide impeccable pre-operative care before and after surgery, your pet spends less time under anesthesia during a laser surgical procedure.

With our efficient technology and diligent care, we can provide a faster healing process for your pet. Call us at (530) 673-4744 to learn if modernized laser surgery is the right option for your four-legged friend. You can also request an appointment online at your convenience.