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A dog being bathed

Grooming Maintains Pet Health and Cleanliness

Grooming your pet not only maintains their appearance and keeps them smelling great, but it also aids in ensuring good health. When your pets come in for grooming, we carefully examine their whole body to ensure they are not carrying parasites and perform nail trimmings that eliminate pain and discomfort from overgrown nails. Your pet experiences a comfortable and soothing bath under our grooming services and receives the preventive attention needed to maintain proper wellness.

A well-groomed cat

Adobe Animal Hospital & Laser Surgery Center offers exceptional and convenient grooming services. If you are considering boarding your pet at our hospital, please know that you can also take advantage of this grooming opportunity.

We aim to provide quality baths, nail trims, anal gland expression, sanitary clips and cleans, and an anxiety-free visit for your pet. For that reason, we also offer sedation for an easy and calming experience.

Regular Grooming Boosts Pet Happiness

Our team knows how to properly approach a grooming session to make it calm and welcoming for your pet. They also know what areas of your pet’s body to examine for the wellness of your furry friend and prevention of illness. Let us be your hospital of choice for exceptional grooming services.

Contact us today at (530) 673-4744 for all your grooming needs.