Holiday pet safety.

Your friends at Adobe Animal Hospital are wishing you and your furry family all that is merry and bright this holiday season. Make sure it is a happy time of year with our holiday pet safety tips.

Festive Foods to Avoid

When it comes to the holidays, our team is all about the eats! When indulging in seasonal treats and feasts, though, keep in mind that not all of it is pet-friendly. Potential party fouls for pets include:

  • Items containing the artificial sweetener xylitol
  • Chocolate, especially dark or baking chocolate
  • Unrisen yeast doughs
  • Large quantities of onion or garlic
  • Fatty foods such as butter, bacon, gravy, or fatty meats that can lead to gastrointestinal upset or pancreatitis
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Grapes and/or raisins
  • Bones 
  • Food discards and trash

Remind guests to not share their plates with your pet, and keep unattended food and beverages as well as trash secure and out of paw’s reach. 

Paws Off Holiday Hazards

The holiday season also comes with decor and activities that can be unique to this time of year. There are definitely holiday pet safety concerns of which to be cognizant. Don’t forget to pay attention to:

  • Electric cords that can be chewed on or become entangled
  • String-like decor such as tinsel that can be an issue if ingested
  • Unsecured candles, potpourris, and wax melts that can be a burn or toxin hazard
  • Snow globes that may contain toxins in the liquid inside
  • Increased traffic in and out of your home that make it easier for an accidental escape
  • Live Christmas trees whose needles and water may be ingested
  • Personal items belonging to visitors that may be hazardous (cigarettes or vapes, medications in a purse or coat pocket, etc.)
  • Glass decor like ornaments that can be broken or ingested
  • Plants like mistletoe, lilies, and holly
  • Wrapped gifts that may contain dangerous or toxic items

Being aware of common holiday pet hazards can help you to steer clear.

Adobe’s Holiday Pet Tips

Holiday pet hazards don’t mean that you can’t have an enjoyable season with your pets, though. We have lots of safe and fun ideas to help you celebrate with your animals.

Share your holiday feast wisely. Most pets can tolerate a special treat of a festive item like baked sweet potato, a little lean meat, or some unbuttered veggies. You can also get in a celebratory mood making your own holiday dog or cat treats

Get out with your pet and go for a drive to see a holiday light display or visit a loved one (if your pet enjoys car outings).

Make sure that your pet’s identification tags and microchip are up to date in case of an accidental escape. (Does your pet not have a microchip? Contact us today to fix that!)

We wish you and your pets a safe and merry holiday season. We hope that you will not need to take us up on it, but don’t forget that we are here for you should you need us.