Dog in halloween costume

By the time summer lets go and autumn moves in, pets and their people may be relieved that heat stroke and dehydration are in the rear view. That doesn’t mean, however, that the approaching weeks aren’t full of their own threats to pet safety. On the contrary, Halloween can be highly dangerous to the pets in our care. With special attention and thorough preparation, our team can help you prevent illness, injury, loss, and other consequences associated with Halloween. 

How to Know

Many pets are perfectly happy to go with the flow, regardless of the time, event, or stimuli. Others may be highly sensitive to crowds, costumes, and the associated sights and sounds. It’s a good idea to carefully consider where your pet resides on this spectrum. 

Even if you have a good idea how they might react to squealing kids or scary noises, your pet could surprise you. A normally relaxed pet may be triggered by something. Reacting to your pet’s needs and quickly providing for them is at the center of Halloween pet safety. 

A Place to Wait It Out

Sometimes, the constant doorbell ringing or knocking can rattle a pet’s nerves. You can promote pet safety and well-being by setting up a back room just for them. Dim lighting, white noise, snacks, and plenty of water can soothe any anxiety related to Halloween. Spend time with them after you turn off the porch light, and give them the attention they deserve.

To prevent accidental loss or separation, be sure that your pet is either safely contained or leashed the entire evening. Check their collar and ID tags, and update their microchip if contact information has recently changed. 

Safe Inside

Cats, especially black cats, should stay indoors prior to and during Halloween events. If you and your pet typically walk at night, be sure to wear reflective clothing and lights. 

Halloween Candy and Pet Safety

Prevent a pet emergency caused by Halloween candy in these ways:

  • Never allow your pet to get their paws on chocolate candy, nuts, raisins, or goodies sweetened with xylitol. This includes artificially sweetened mints or gum, and baked goods. 
  • Eliminate their exposure to alcohol, marijuana products, and caffeinated beverages, (including energy drinks). 
  • Keep unsafe items on high surfaces they cannot access
  • Pick up any discarded wrappers or packaging
  • Store backpacks, purses, or bags behind closed doors. 

Other Dangers

Halloween pet safety requires a cautious approach to the following:

  • Candles (always used battery-operated lights in jack o’lanterns, but be sure your pet can’t eat them).
  • Halloween decor and festive displays, including string lights, animatronic displays, webbing, and even scarecrows.
  • Costumes can be fun for a quick picture, but unless your pet is completely relaxed wearing a costume please remove it before they become distressed. Remove any attachments or embellishments that could endanger their health. 

Pet Safety and Comfort

Your pet’s health is our number one priority. Please call us at (530) 673-4744 with any questions or concerns. Our veterinary team is always here for you at Adobe Animal Hospital and Laser Surgery Center.